Our Statement

  • We declare, that we honor the remembrance of the victims of the Shoah as well as their descendants. We stand together with them in commemoration of this appalling event.
  • We also declare, that in these times of the revival of antisemitism we do not tolerate the apparent increase of silent indifference as has happened in the past.
  • By the March of Life we stand together with those who suffered in the past and those who still suffer because of the consequences of the Shoah.
  • We give them a public voice against the „veil of silence“ in our region.
  • We resist the thought of bringing debates about the Shoah to an end. Facts and memories must never be hidden. Our honest testimony against antisemitism is the testimony for the people and for the state of Israel.
  • March of Life is an event for remembrance and prayer and is not a platform for political demands nor a protest event nor any platform to evangelize.

Motivations to march from Bergen to the former concentration camp together with different groups of our society are:

  • Reconciliation, healing and restoration between the descendants of victims and perpetrators;
  • Reviewing the past to fight against indifference;
  • To take a stand for Israel and for our fellow Jewish citizens with an unmistakable „Never again!“ against modern present-day antisemitism.

Shalom from Hamburg and welcome to anyone who has survived Bergen Belsen, who was born there or comes from a family of survivors.

Translation of the statement by Elke Kaasmann, Ebenezer-Germany, together with the North-German Christian Friends of Israel, CINDEV, Michael Dierks.