March of Life Hamburg to Kiel, April 2015

Have you ever heard of the „Marches of Death“, which, conducted by Nazis in Germany, went through many cities and regions at the end of the Second World War?

Now, after 70 years, we want to march on a path of reconcilation with everyone who cares. This will take place from 15th to 19th April, 2015.

The preparation team for this „March of life“ is a group of Christians from different denominations.


Background Informations:

At the end of the Second World War the German Nazis leaders evacuated the concentration camps in an effort to eliminate the traces of mass murders. They drove the weak, completely exhausted prisoners over the roads in a Germanythat was sinking in utter chaos. Among the 700,000 of prisoners who survived till 1945, 250,000 of them died during those marches of death. Most of the German citizens, who witnessed the tragedy, reacted apathetically, indifferently or even became active perpetrators. And they just said nothing about what they had seen.

Jobst Bittner, initiator of „march of life“ movement

In Hamburg-Fuhlsbuettel there was a concentration camp and prison under the Nazis. Besides the jewish prisoners there were many political imprisoned, Sinti and Roma, homosexuals and prostitutes. They were droven on three so-called „Marches of evacuation“ from Hamburg-Fuhlsbuettel to another camp in Kiel-Hassee during the time between 12th to 15th April 1945. There were several executions on the way.

Why do we want to go on this path with different groups from our society?

The reasons are:

  1. We hope to bring reconcilation, healing and restoration between the prepetrators and victims and their descendants.
  2. We want to deal with the past and so not forget what has happened.
  3. We want to proclaim in front of Jewish people in our land and Israel that will never happen again and to stand up against the modern antisemitism.

Now is almost the last chance, to take our responsibility amd to mourn together with the holocaust survivors and their offspring.


  • we announce that we honor the commemoration of the Holocaust and the voices of the survivors and to stand with them in the memories of the dreadful past.
  • we declare that we won´t allow the silent indifference of the past to take root again at a time of resurgent antisemitism.
  • we stand together on this march of life with those who have suffered or are still suffering from the Holocaust.
  • we give the victims a chance to raise their voices publicly, so that we can break through the „cover of silence“over our cities with them.
  • we resist the thought of „ending it“ (not thinking about the Holocaust any more). Together with TOS in Tuebingen, we are planning to walk on one of the paths which the victims of the Holocaust took at the end of the war.
  • The March of Life is not a platform for political appeal nor for evangelization. It is not a protest event, but a meeting of prayers and memories.


We welcome the participation of many of our population as possible, including young and old, and we hope to reach the survivors and their offspring.

It would be possible, for example, for schools, to participate with a research or art project.

If you are interested, we could provide you with a rich resource of information.

Beginning with a humble act of prayer it has turned into an international movement. It includes contemporary witnesses and their offspring. I hope that many people will be moved by this idea and there will be many „marches of life“ to walk and to think about in the next years.

Norbert Lammert
Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert, President oft he German Parliament




Map /ckick to magnify) Graphic by Frank Thamm used with friendly permission

March of Life in the North. From 15.-19. April 2015

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